Privacy Policy:  Last updated: 12 June 2021


Privacy and use of Information

We collect email, name, contact telephone number etc in the contact us form or any information you share by our email will be strictly used for the purpose of serving the request and will be used for analytics and sometimes for the marketing and promotional purpose. We also try to keep the confidentiality of such information in all aspects. However following points must be noted by each user in this regard.

By using the services, you acknowledge that

(a) we cannot ensure the 100 percent security of information you provide through the Internet and your email messages, and you release us from any sources and all liability in connection with the use of such information by other parties.

(b) we cannot guarantee, and assume no responsibility for verifying, the accuracy of the information provided by other stake holders of the service(our partners for example)  and you must be careful regarding particulars of your business, nature of duties/roles, details of family and/or income which are sensitive information as per your position. It is not to be assigned, transferred or licensed so as to be used by any other person/entity.

(c) has the right to change its services and privacy policy /terms and conditions from time to time based on a change of policy in our company.

Beware of money scams

Watch out for money scams. There are just too many scam artists around the world, and they are everywhere. We do not delegate any third party for consulting and marketing services our business and hence you are requested to be careful about any calls pretending that they call from our office and requesting money.

Limitation of liability

It should be noted that we do not have third party contents at this point of time and in future we may add such contents. shall have no liability to you or other third parties for any third-party content uploaded onto or downloaded from the website.



If you have any questions/comments regarding our privacy statement, please write to or